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Ozwater 2023 - Sydney

Hawkes & AD will be heading to Sydney in May this year for the annual Australian Water Association (AWA) Ozwater Conference.

AD will be presenting a full paper on the first day of the conference (Wednesday 10th May 2023). His paper this year is a little different, but is bound to be full of excitement. It is entitled "Clarifying the wastewater treatment process through wine-making - An Italian's perspective".

The paper illustrates the wine making process and discusses the parallels with wastewater treatment. The paper intends to be light-hearted and entertaining, yet educational for those wanting to know some basic steps of either process. 

A copy of his abstract is found below !! 

Super Swim

In February, AD took part in the Super Swim Challenge to raise funds for the Starlight Children's Foundation. For such a great cause - AD committed to swimming 25km between 1st Feb and the 28th Feb 2023!! He ended up clocking up 25.9km, and even had a couple of days spare.

He managed to raise $2,130 - thank you to all those that donated to this great cause.

Just a couple of facts to share on why raising money for Starlight is so important.....


Did you know that every minute of every day a sick child is admitted to hospital in Australia?

Serious childhood illness doesn't just impact a child's health. It can turn their whole life upside down, causing them to miss out on spending time with their family, building friendships, going to school and just living their life.

Australia has one of the best healthcare systems in the world. But sick children and young people need more than the exceptional care that our clinicians can offer. They need the social and emotional support that lets them be a child.

Starlight use play, social connection and creativity to support sick kids in some of their toughest times and positively change their healthcare experience.

Thanks again


Hawkes & AD


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